11 travel apps for a smooth and prepared trip!

Nov 12, 2015 | About us, Destinations, Enjoy, Enjoy Apartments, Tips Enjoy Apartments, What to do in Amsterdam, What to do in Barcelona

Are you also a little bit blown away when you go in your app store to download an app? That is not that crazy because every day there are coming 2000 new apps in the appstore. To help you a little bit with your travel apps, we made this list for you! From weather to packing and reading, you will find it all in here!

Popular weather app which allows you to “play” a weather woman/man. With Instaweather you share the weather forecast from the location where you are at that moment. A picture and current information all in one. From temperature to air pressure and wind force, everything can be added, even for several days. Available in 27 languages. Cost: free

Packing Pro Map
Enter what type of holiday you have booked and the app comes with all kinds of packing suggestions. Also handy to make a list of what you’ve already packed. So you won’t accidentally have to put an unnecessary extra pair of shoes and books in your suitcase at the last minute. You still have to pack yourself though ;). Cost: free

With the amazing app Whatwasthere you can see what kind of building used to stand somewhere or how the neighborhood looked like where you are walking. In addition it gives information about historical monuments and places. For the United States, but also large cities like London, Paris, Cairo, Berlin and Jerusalem. The aim of the creators is to create a global historical photo archive through crowdsourcing. The historical sites are linked to Google Maps. Cost: free

Turns your iPhone into an e-reader to read books during your travels. In addition you can buy books and many of them are free to download. Way of reading, line spacing, you can change it all to your wishes. Simple to ‘ operate ‘. For iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Cost: free

First Aid White Cross
Most accidents happen at home, a better reason for a trip around the world does not exist. In case something does happens; the White Cross now has a free FIRST AID app. So that you know what you should and should not do in an accident. Think of Burns, a crash, poisoning. For iPhone, Android. Cost: free


App for running, cycling and other activities to stay fit during your trip. GPS tracking, navigation, trainings, training again, a kind of coach you have always with you. (With GPS on your battery can deflate very quickly.) For iPhone and Android. Cost: free

A Visual Guide on good food and where you can find it. Spot a good restaurant, mention the restaurant or place and share it on foodspotting. You can see worldwide suggestions from travelers and locals. Discover where foodspotters, friends and experts like to eat and try it yourself! For iPhone, Android, Blackberry. Cost: free

OANDA, currency converter
Currency converter that can quickly tell you what the exchange rate is in the country of destination. Of more than 190 currencies and four metals (in case you own a stash of gold). For iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Blackberry Playbook. Cost: free

Sunny Life
Where to go and when for the Sun? The Sunny Life app tells you in 10 seconds of at least the top 30 destinations in the world and the top 10 in the Caribbean. With monthly average temperatures and expected rainfall. Cost: free

Do you have some other travel apps you can’t travel without? Let us know through the comments and Social Media!