10 tips to do in Paris

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10 must do’s when in Paris!

If you think of Paris, your first thought would probably be the beautiful Eiffel tower. But there is so much more than that. Paris got a lot more to offer! If you planned to go to Paris, here can you find 10 things that are worth a visit!

So, Let’s get started. What’s the wait for!

1. The Eiffel Tower
Ofcourse…it´s the heart and symbol of Paris! Something you can´t miss when you´re in Paris. If you haven’t seen in it in real life yet, you should definitely go there to expierence it! You can watch it from the ground or buy a ticket and go high on the Eiffel tower, what you prefer.


2. The basilique du Sacré-Cœur
Not only at the Eiffel tower you have a great view, also at the Sacré-Coeur. The Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris, also known as Sacré-Coeur basilica and often simply as Sacré-Couer. It is a Catholic church and it is dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, in Paris, France.

At this location you have a beautiful view and see whole Paris. Also you can take a look inside the church.


2. Le Marais
Le marais is a historic district and one of the oldest places in Paris. The district has small lanes, but nothing is too small! The lanes are alive with high and low fashion boutiques, bars, restaurants, hotels, jewellery, wine shops, you have basically everything all in one small area. This place is perfect when you want to go shopping where it it less crowdy than for example the Champs-Élysée. The Champs-Élysée is very crowdy, big, a lot of traffic and filled with big brands. You can find more local boutiques at Le Marais. At this district, the atmosphere is different and more cozy. The best way to explore the area, is to take the metro to Bastille and walk from there or walk from Notre Dame and Hotel the ville.

Monuments to visit Le Marais:
– Place des Vosges (with the house of Victor Hugo)
– Musée Carnavalet
– Musée Picasso
– Hôtel de Sens

le marais

4. Top 5 Museums
In Paris you have a few museums that you can’t miss!

– Louvre: This museum is one of the biggest museums worldwide. It is also so popular because of the art and paintings. The most popular one is The Mona Lisa for sure.
– Museé d’Orsay: This museum is an art museum and it shows the history of the western art from 1848 till 1914.
Centre George Pompidou: The Pompidou is a centre for modern art in Paris. The building is known for its coloured pipes.
Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris: This is a modernt art museum. Did you know you can visit here the largest painting of the world? crazy right?!
– Grand Palais: The Grand Palais is a big exhibition hall of glass and is located at the Avenue Winston Churchill in Paris.


5. Palace of Versailles
A big palace, many rooms, a huge garden with a fountain, the palace got it all! If you have seen much in Paris already or you want to visit something different, you definitely should visit this place!  The distance from Paris is about 20 kilometres.

The palace has a long history. In 1624, Louis XIII wanted to build a palace in Versailles and in 1662 Louis XIV (Louis XIII his son) decided to rebuild the palace. The palace became huge in 1680. After the French revolution, Napoleon used the palace as a summer place. In 1830, king Louis-Philippe turned the palace in a museum of France its glory. Nowadays you can visit a big part of this spectacular palace with the famous worldwide garden!


When you want to visit the palace you first want to look what fits with your thoughts and what you want to do inside the palace. This is because you have different tickets.

Palace ticket
This includes:
– The palace
– the temporary exhibitions held in the palace
 The coach gallery
– The gardens  (except musical fountain shows)

Price; €18,-

This includes:
– The palace
– The estate of Trianon
– the temporary exhibitions
 The coach gallery
– The garden and the park
– Musical fountain shows or musical gardens*

Price: €20,-

*With musical fountain shows or musical gardens you pay €27,-

2 day passport
This passport includes the admission to the wole Estate for 2 days:
– The palace
– The estate of Trianon
– the temporary exhibitions
 The coach gallery
– The garden and the park
– Musical fountain shows or musical gardens*

Price: €25,-

* With musical fountain shows or musical gardens you pay  €30,-

Free access to the Palace of Versailles and the estate of Trianon:
– Till 18 years
– Residents of the Europian Union below 26 years old
– French teachers
 people with disabilities

Here can you find all the tickets: http://en.chateauversailles.fr/plan-your-visit/tickets-and-prices


6. Wine tasting
Mmm… time for wine?

France is famous for its wine, that is clear. But where and how can you taste the best wines in Paris? It is easy to order the best wine when you at a restaurant, but you also have several wine tours!

You can have the tours for different prices, for example:
frenche wine tour (€60,-) : On this tour you will be tasting 6 different wines and champagne. A expert is there with you to explain everything about the wines and how to taste wine like a professional. It will take 2 hours in total.
Wine and cheese (45,-) : The tour includes tastes of 4 different wines and 4 portions of French cheese with a French Baguette. It will take 1,5 hours.
– For groups and events; Are you with group? Something to celebrate or just for fun? You can taste wine like you have never done before. It is a fun, instructive and entertaining program. If you’re in a group with 12 or less can be organized in an old Parisian building, in the heart of the Latin Quarter. At the end you will have a souvenir.

If you want to organize something big, you can also rent exceptional places like a boat on the seine for an unforgettable experience. The tastings are usually in English, but a translator can be provided in any language on request. The price depends on the wine, place, and number of guests.

Check out the website for the tickets! http://www.wine-tasting-in-paris.com/


7. Seine river cruise in Paris
Want to see whole Paris in 1 hour? That’s possible! A great idea is to cruise with a boat through Paris. You can see all the highlights: from the Notre-Dame to the Eiffel Tower, and cruising along the Seine. The guides are in English.

Come discover Paris on a unique way!

Price: €15,- per person


8. Jardin du Luxembourg
Want to do something chill? Go to the beautiful garden in the city! The garden is 23 hectares long and it is known for its flowerbeds, tree-lined promenades, the paths, and lawns. This is one of the most popular parks in Paris and is located at the ‘palais du Luxembourg’. There is also a café, a music tent and a theatre nearby. At the park you can find a beautiful fountain.

Just chill and relax!


9. Ile Saint-Louis
Behind the notre dame gardens, you have the pont Saint-Louis bridge. The bridge leads you to the atmospheric streets of Ile Saint-Louis. You can go there for a nice shopping time or just walk into the courtyards for a more quiet place. In the streets you can also find Berthillon, the most famous ice cream of Paris!


10. Pont Alexandre III
Last but not least, ”Pont Alexandre III”. This beautiful bridge at the Seine, and it connects the Champs-Élysée and the Eiffel Tower. Beside that it’s only a bridge, it is also an official French monument (monument historique). With its unique frames and golden sculptures makes it more than a basic bridge. Worth to visit! Since it is not far from the Champs-Élysées and the Eiffel Tower. You can visit these things in one!

pont Alexandre

I hope you Enjoy your visit with these 10 tips to do in Paris!

Au revoir,