10 Reasons why you should consider to visit Lisbon city

Jan 12, 2017 | Enjoy


They say it’s the same as Barcelona, but better. Lisbon has a warm mediterranean climate and sandy beaches, it’s pretty cheap and there are a lot of fiestas. How can you not love Lisbon, one of the hottest new destinations ? Let’s sum up some of the best reasons to consider visiting Lisbon.

1. Affordable 

Lisbon is one of the most cheapiest capital cities of Europe. You can get a beer for €1.60, while you pay for a beer €3.91 in Barcelona  or even worse €6.21 in Paris. Not everybody knows that Lisbon is one of the most cheapiest capital cities in Europe. Well now you know,  take advantage of it!


2. Activities everywhere

Lisbon is located at the Atlantic Ocean. In summer it’s the perfect place to visit, to enjoy the sun or to do some watersports. You can do things like surfing and sailing or go get yourself some fresh fish. You can also book activities like cooking classes and wine tours. More a party person? No worries, just book a party boat! Besides of these things, hiking is also very popular in Lisbon, because of it’s beautiful nature and mountains.


3. The ”’Sunshine Capital”

The name says enough. Lisbon is THE ”sunshine capital”. It gets 3000 hours of sunlight every year. Temperatures go up 30 degrees in the summer, so make sure you pack your sunglasses and all of your swimming gear.


4. Nightlife

Lisbon is also known for it’s real party scene. It offers a perfect nightlife scene with Barrio Alto. This is one of the best districts to head for when searching for a good party. It has more than 250 bars and clubs including hot-spots such as Lust, Ministerium and Lux.


5. Not so far away

When you live in Europa, you are just a few hours away from getting to Lisbon. When you fly from Amsterdam it’s just a 3 hour flight. And the fly time from London is only 2 hours and 20 minutes. So what’s letting you to visit Lisbon? Expensive tickets? No! Due to it’s great weather making it an all year round destination with afordable tickets.


6. Very popular with celebs

Lisbon is home town to many famous faces and musicans. Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran, Selena Gomez are often spotted in Lisbon. Besides that you can find Cristiano Ronaldo spending his holiday here. So maybe when you visit Lisbon, you can get a selfie with one of your favourite singers or sportsmen.


7. One of the quietest cities of the world

In this city you can hear your own thoughts and just clear your mind. It’s beautiful how quiet it can be sometimes. Lisbon is full of stairs and devoid of cars.


8. Culture and history

Lisbon city has the world’s most expensive chapel; Sao Roque Church. While it is the most expensive chapel, it is breath taking. Or just go walking down the old town to see unique scenery and picturesque cobbled streets.


9. Beautiful long beaches

With the title ”Sunshine Capital” and bordering to the Atlantic Ocean, it is home to beautiful sandy beaches along it’s coast. Locals are known to visit the beach all year, to get some of the lovely, refreshing air. Also they just hang out at the beach and enjoy some drinks and food.


10. Compact city

Lisbon is the country’s largest city. Despite this Lisbon is a very compact city. All the different areas, bar shopping, shopping and beautiful beaches are at a walking distance. This city is just great and needs more appreciation. It is a friendly city with a great essence for life.