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Hallo Vienna!


´´Hallo! Welcome at our Vienna pages! I have been taking special care of them as I am really in love with Vienna ! I have been living in Vienna my whole life so I have seen quite a bit of this beautiful city! I have only included the things of which i thought they were (and are) worth mentioning. I hope that you enjoy it!´´

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My Vienna information for you

Food & Drinks

Where to go for great food in Wenen . What to drink and where to chill. Check it out!


Where to go for shopping in and around Wenen. Shop til you drop!

Get Tickets

We get you your tickets! Don’t worry. What do you want to do/see?

  • a sport event
  • sight-seeing or tours


What to do? THE clubs and bars that you have to visit while you´re staying here!


How to travel when you’re in Vienna. Information about the trains, trams, buses, bicycles and car renting.

Handy Info

Just some general information about Wenen that is handy to know!


What are the upcoming events in Wenen ? You can read it here!


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