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Shopping in Prague

Let me guide you through Prague, with inside tips on where to shop till you drop! From high-end fashion till the normal ”commercial” shops, i will tell it all!

Have fun, Viktor Enjoy Prague

My Favorite Places


The Celetna Street in Prague is ideal to combine shopping and culture. The architecture of the buildings is a must. This street is pedestrianized to create a quietly area.  Chocolate lovers are at the right place in this street. Indeed, there is the Finest Belgian Chocolates Shop where you can buy the best chocolate. You can also go to Chocolate Museum and learn all about chocolate.

Wenceslas square

This is the biggest square in Prague. It has an lenght of 750 meters long and 60 meters wide. Over here you can find many stores. In these stores you can shop till you drop. You will find big warehouses which will give you hours of shopping fun. Around the square are many terraces. 

From the Old Town Square to the Charles Bridge is the Karlova Street. It is a narrow, winding street in the center of Prague where you can always find fun. A lover of Bohemian crystal and sparkling jewelry? Then this is your street. This is also a good place where you can buy some nice souvernirs.

The Vinohrady district is located just outside the tourist center of Prague. They also call it the sopping without tourist area, This area is mainly known for its antique shops and specialty stores. This district has two shopping centers: Atrium Flora and Vinohradsky Pavilion. This is locaded in a former market hall.
On the Jiriho z Podebrad square is every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday a farmers market. This is the ideal opportunity to purchase smoked cheese, Moravian wines and special honey. This square is locaded behind on the Vinohrady street.

Behind the Tyn church is a small square tucked away with lots of nice shops, boutiques, wine shops and cafes. When your shopping in Ungels is sure to find a special gift. 

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