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¡Hola Barcelona!

¿Bon dia, com va?

“Hi there and welcome to our Barcelona pages! I have been taking special care of them as I am really, very much into Barcelona! I have been living in Barcelona for years so I have seen quite a bit of the “Ciudad Condal” (which is a nickname for Barcelona). BCN, Barna, it’s all the same.

I have selected only the things to include in this guide of which I thought they were and are worth mentioning. Hope that you enjoy it!


Julia – Enjoy Apartments Barcelona

My Barcelona info for you

Food & Drinks

Where to go for great food in Barcelona. What to drink and where to chill. Check it out!

  • typical food
  • paella
  • vegan food


Where to go for shopping in and around Barcelona. Shop til you drop!

  • la roca village
  • shopping list
  • discount shopping

Get Tickets

We get you your tickets! Don’t worry. What do you want to do/see?

  • a sport event
  • sight-seeing or tours


Were to go out and dance all night till the sun comes up. Check it out!


How to travel when you’re in Barcelona. Information about the trains, trams, buses, bicycles and car renting.

Handy Info

Just some general information about Barcelona that is handy to know!


What are the upcoming events in Barcelona worth going to? Read it here!

Must see in Barcelona

What you have to see when visiting Barcelona!

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UPDATE: What Is The Current Situation In Barcelona?

What is the current situation in Barcelona? We get a lot of messages from family, friends and future guests about the situation in Barcelona at this moment. Of course there is a lot going on. But the image which is shared by the media in other countries is something... read more

La Mercè

La Mercè 2017 A little history.. La Mercè is an official public holiday in Barcelona (Catalonia). The festival is held in honor of the patron saint la Mercè (the Virgin of Mercy). It is the largest event in Barcelona. The official date is on 24 September, but there... read more

7 things to do in Barcelona on a rainy Day!

7 things to do in Barcelona on a rainy day! Normally the sun is shining sky high in Barcelona. But sometimes we have to deal with some rain, heavy rain in time. But don’t worry, in a city like Barcelona there is a rule: ‘The weather, doesn’t matter’. We don’t let us... read more

Shopping TAX free in Barcelona? That sounds great!

This was also our reaction when we read the first time about this.. But what is it? When can I use it? Is it easy to use? What do we have to do for this? In this blog we will tell you all this ‘’ cheap’’ way of spending money in one of the best cities to shop:... read more

Do Something Different: Discover Barcelona by Bike!

Not too long ago, there were hardly any cyclists in Barcelona, but these days they’ve become part of the local culture. More and more tourists are also choosing to discover Barcelona by bike ; whether renting a bicycle or doing a guided bike tour. It’s way more... read more