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Here you are! This is your guide to Enjoy all our destinations to the fullest! We tell you about the hotspots, the sights, and the events going on in all our cities!
Do you go to Prague and look for the best restaurants? Here you can find them! But of course, there is many more!

I have selected only the things to include in this guide of which I thought they were and are worth mentioning. Hope that you enjoy it!

Julia – Enjoy Apartments Barcelona

La Mercè 2018: fun things you need to do

La Mercè is a giant free festival in the center of Barcelona, there are many activities and events going on in the streets. La Mercè is an official public holiday in Barcelona and it is even the largest festival of Barcelona. This festival is held in honor of the... read more

22 things to do in Roma

Best things to do in Roma Rome is such an ancient and dense place that prioritizing attractions can be overwhelming. Where do you start, indeed? We’ve pulled together a list of world-famous sites and lesser-known destinations that will provide you with the full... read more

Fun things to do in Budapest!

  Everybody loves Budapest, the city is simply an absolute miracle, so you are never surprised if it is a “best of” travel list. Known for its beauty, there are many fun things to do in Budapest; enjoy the architecture, go eat in the local kitchen or... read more

Summer evening in Barcelona

What to do during a summer evening in Barcelona? Are you during the summer in Barcelona? Then you do well to avoid the heat during the day, to lay down on the beach and in the evening, when it is slightly cooled, to visit the city! In a city like Barcelona you can do... read more

Multilingual Services in Barcelona. (EN, FR, NL & GER)

Multilingual Services in Barcelona If you visit Barcelona or live here, but you don’t speak the Spanish language, sometimes it could be hard to get what you want. So you might be looking for a place where you can get what you’re looking for and talk with... read more

Group accommodation in Barcelona

Group accommodation in Barcelona! When you travel with a larger group of people than a normal family, it can be hard to find the right accommodation. If you go with a large group of friends, the whole family or a sports team, you might prefer not to stay in an hotel.... read more

15 restaurants in Barcelona that you didn’t know!

15 restaurants in Barcelona that you didn’t knew!   Are you planning on making a trip to Barcelona and want some tips on where you should eat? Then you came to the right place. There are so many different restaurants, which makes it hard to pick one. But in... read more

One Tree Planted and Enjoy Apartments

One Tree Planted and Enjoy Apartments   Recently we made a partnership with the company One Tree Planted to create a new project. First I am going to tell you more about the company One Tree Planted and about what they do and then I will explain our partnership... read more

Pick the right apartment!

How to pick the right apartment   You want to rent an apartment for your next trip, but where do you begin? There are so many apartments and so many locations! How can you find the right apartment for you and your family or friends? In this blog post I made a... read more

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