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5 Reasons to “Tip or Skip”? Amsterdam vs Rotterdam.

We noticed that for first time visitors to the Netherlands (Holland, if you will..) it can be confusing to know where to go and what to see. One of the bigger doubt is definitely whether to choose between the two largest cities of the country, Amsterdam and Rotterdam.... read more

Top 10 Best Cities And Spots To Say Happy New Year!

What is the best place to celebrate New Year’s Eve? There are  so many options. In this blogpost I will tell about the best spots to say happy new year and where to stay during this holiday! Cape Town With New Year’s eve in Cape Town you have many parties... read more

Get the Best Christmas Experience With Pinterest!

Christmas is in town, but which town do you need to go to? In this blogpost we are telling you about some destinations in a different way. TThis will be a Pinterest Christmas inspiration post! A Chrismas Printerest post? Yes, at Enjoy Apartments we like the platform... read more

What To Do In Amsterdam On A Rainy Day!

What to do in Amsterdam on a Rainy Day- Behold the great city of the Netherlands, Amsterdam. A vibrant and colorful city it is. A city with so many natural colors that would for sure fill your life and paint it that you would have never even thought. Every year,... read more

Let’s Get On The Airplane, Tips To Fly With Young Kids!

The first time you travel with your child or children is really exciting. You know that travelling with your children by car is a challenge, but travelling with the airplane will also bring some preparing. In this blogpost tips to fly with young kids! Tip one #Bring... read more


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